Show Notes

We share a lot of information and ideas on Gardening Simplified – here, you’ll find a digest of each show where you can explore the topics we discuss further.

Bonus episode: it’s an all mailbag edition

We love answering your garden questions, but it’s hard to get through them when we only have time for three per show. So we did a bonus episode just answering listener questions to try and get caught up. Listen on your favorite podcast platform or join us on YouTube.

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Several pink azalea flowers with many petals.

Episode 53 – Fall-ing into place – celebrating our second year!

As we head into our second year, we look back at all that we’ve discussed on and look forward towards what’s to come. Our Plant on Trial is one the Fonz would approve of – Perfecto Mundo® Double Pink reblooming azalea. Learn about hydrophobic soil and whether or not you should protect your panicle hydrangea in winter.

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