Episode 78 – Cool Plants for Wet Soils

Ground Breaking Banter - Rick

There are many reasons why soil  might be wet: it can be an issue of water draining off something else, like your or your neighbors’ homes, an issue of a naturally high water table, a low spot, or sometimes, slow drainage after heavy rain or irrigation. But even areas that are wet for short periods can cause major issues for plants, because what happens in that situation is that the oxygen in the soil – which plant roots require – gets displaced by water, and the roots literally suffocate. So it’s crucial to outfit such areas with plants that can tolerate those conditions and, believe it or not, there are many! Join us on your favorite podcast platform or at the YouTube link above to hear our full conversation.

Here’s this week’s Lim-A-Rick:

I want a lovely retreat

but highwater my efforts deplete

I live in a floodplain

The water just won’t drain

I constantly have wet feet.

My yard is under a flood

My soil type is mud

I’m feeling under the weather

We’re all in this together

My landscape is a dud

Why: While many flowering shrubs can grow in wet soils, few can do so as well as Sugar Shack buttonbush. Buttonbush, Cephalanthus occidentalis, is a North American native shrub that you’ll find virtually anywhere there’s water – in fact, here in West Michigan, you’ll find it growing along the river right in downtown Grand Rapids! Sugar Shack buttonbush offers a much more landscape-friendly size than wild versions, coming in at just 4-5′ tall and wide. Also, when those fabulous flowers fade, they leave behind these beautifully ornamental seed pods, which keep their color until frost:
Round red seedheads of buttonbush protrude from the glossy leafed shrub.

If you’d like to add Sugar Shack Buttonbush– or any of the 320+ Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs – to your garden or landscape, you’ll find a list of local retailers here

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Branching News - Rick

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