Episode 79 – Problem-solving with IPM

Ground Breaking Banter - Rick

Integrated pest management – typically shortened to just IPM – is a concept that we’ve talked about many times on the show. While it may sound complicated, the principle is simple: learn as much as you can about the pest you are trying to manage, and use that knowledge to craft a strategy to manage it. IPM applies to indoor and outdoor pests, from mice to moths to moose, and everything in between. It’s not limited to just animals, either – IPM can also be applied to diseases. Join us at your favorite podcast platform or the YouTube link above to hear our whole conversation, and how we use IPM in our own lives.

Here’s this week’s Lim-A-Rick:

The creepy crawlers on this stem

are engaged in plant mayhem

I need something common sensible

Something a bit more defensible 

Maybe consider IPM? 


I need something that’s attainable

An action that is explainable

Self control I need to master

In order to avoid disaster 

I’m trying to be sustainable. 

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Branching News - Rick

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