Show Notes

We share a lot of information and ideas on Gardening Simplified – here, you’ll find a digest of each show where you can explore the topics we discuss further.

Dozens of white flower spikes protrude from rounded green shrubs.

Episode 71 – 2024 Plants of the Year

Meet the 2024 Proven Winners all-star team: the Plants of the Year! Learn about each variety and how they are chosen. Plus, causes of brown arborvitae, planting bulbs in January, and the Pantone Color of the Year. Featured shrub: Fizzy Mizzy itea.

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A cluster of vivid orange yellow florets on a jessamine plant.

Episode 70 – Listener Resolutions

We asked and you responded – and we loved it! Join us as we share resolutions from listeners around the world on their hopes for their gardens in 2024. Featured plant: Juiced Orange jessamine.

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Two pink camellia flowers with bright yellow centers nestle amid glossy evergreen leaves.

Episode 69 – New Year’s (Gardening) Resolutions

Do you have new year’s resolutions for 2024? Or maybe, your new year’s resolution is to avoid new year’s resolutions – either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Learn about different types of fertilizers, which is best for your plants, and when to apply it. Featured plant: Just Chill Red Tip camellia.

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A white and green variegated shrub grows next to a hydrangea blooming with white flowers.

Episode 68 – Garden Tunes and Birdman is Back

Do you have a gardening playlist? Listen in for our favorite plant and outdoor-related songs. Plus, using pine needles as mulch, planting around black walnuts, and a winter update from Birdman Bill Stovall. Featured plant: White Album wintercreeper.

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A cluster of red berries hangs from a snow covered holly branch.

Episode 67 – Everything evergreen

Evergreens lift our spirits during the holidays and carry our landscape through winter. Learn the two types of evergreens, and the benefits they bring to the landscape. Plus, snowload on trees and shrubs and a guest on herbal teas. Featured plant: Castle Spire blue holly.

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A round hydrangea bush with dark green leaves and vivid pink lacecap flowers blooms in a backyard.

Episode 64 – Hydrangeas and the 2023 Polar Vortex

Cape Cod is synonymous with hydrangeas, but as Rick discovered at this year’s Hydrangea festival, polar conditions threatened the display. We talk hydrangeas that stand up to the cold and other solutions. Plus, hydrangeas blooming in fall and javalinas. Featured plant: Tuff Stuff hydrangea.

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Several bare, bright yellow stems of a dogwood shrub in winter.

Episode 63 – Vegetables: the Plants You Put on your Plate

When cooking and eating vegetables, it can be easy to forget they started as plants. We discuss the joys of growing veg and sharing them on your holiday table – and maybe even getting kids to eat them. Author and ethnobotanist Lisa Rose joins us to talk about her new book, Urban Foraging. Featured plant: Arctic Fire Yellow dogwood.

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